36º South Wins Silver at 2018 World Steak Challenge!

world steak challenge 2018

We’re excited to announce that our new brand 36º South won a silver medal at the 2018 World Steak Challenge! The event was held on July 4th, at The Magic Roundabout in London.

The World Steak Challenge is designed to benchmark the quality of beef on a worldwide scale and to establish a quality mark that everyone can trust. The event also celebrates the joy and benefits of eating delicious, high-quality steak as part of a balanced diet.

This year, steaks were entered from 22 countries, with steaks from 35 different breeds including cross breeds and pure breeds. Overall there were 45 Gold, 37 Silver and 54 Bronze accolades awarded to entrants. The winners were announced before an audience of more than 200 invited guests, after an intensive day of judging.

We’re so glad to see that our new South Australian brand is already making waves!

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