Aussie beef

Australia is the largest beef exporter in the world. Aussie beef is known for its delicious, natural, tender and juicy flavour – it is also backed by the most accurate beef grading system in the world, the MSA Grading System. Aussie beef is high-quality and produced with first-class food safety measures. Australian grass-fed cattle are raised in the natural environment, living the way nature intended. Australian grain fed beef are also raised on grass, before being finished on grain.

Aussie Beef Is Versatile

Aussie beef production is tailored to suit the requirements of various different cultures and customers. Whether customers need restaurant-ready beef cuts or retail cuts that are specific to a particular operation, Aussie beef ticks all the boxes.

Aussie Cattle Are Healthy & Aussie Beef Is Safe

When it comes to animal health status, Australia has one of the best in the world. Aussie beef cattle free of diseases that exist in other parts of the world. Australia’s enviable health status is guarded by the Australian government and the meat industry, and all sorts of programs are in place to maintain it.

Aussie Beef Is Traceable

When it comes to beef traceability, Australia is top in its class. Aussie beef cattle are linked to a property through an 8 digit code. Every animal is tagged whenever it is moved from a property, and this allows complete traceability and means that the health and feeding history of every animal can be traced back to birth.

With all these benefits, why wouldn’t you choose Aussie beef?!