Australian Beef Sustainability Framework Announced 6 Focus Areas

Australian Beef Sustainability Framework

The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework was established by the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) to support a strategy in the Meat Industry Strategic Plan to improve the Australian beef industry’s transparency, align practices with community and consumer expectations, help protect and grow investment and guide continuous improvement.

The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework has just named 6 priority areas for their industry focus. These priorities will help grow the prosperity and longevity of the beef businesses and the communities they support. The six priorities selected by the Sustainability Steering Group are:

  1. Animal husbandry techniques
  2. Profitability across the value chain
  3. Balance of tree and grass cover
  4. Antimicrobial stewardship
  5. Manage climate change risk
  6. Health and safety of people in the industry

Now that these areas have been selected for focus, the Sustainability Steering Group will evaluate activities across industry and external organisations to identify gaps and duplications, and to ensure coordinated strategies are in place.

SSG Chairperson Bryce Camm said shortlisting the Framework’s 23 priority areas was a key task for the SSG. According to Mr Camm, “As an industry-led group, we were really happy to see that each of the four framework themes – economic resilience, environmental stewardship, people and community, and animal welfare – were represented in the shortlist of priority areas.”

For more information on the six high-priority areas (including definitions as outlined in the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework), click here.