3 Best Cuts of Beef to Feed a Hungry Crowd

best cuts of beef

Like entertaining? Love beef? Here are the 3 best beef cuts for feeding hungry guests (hint – you might even score yourself some leftovers!):


T-Bone steak

T-Bone steaks are thought by many to be the king of all steaks. These giant steaks are rich, succulent and full of great flavour. When cooked right, they are melt-in-your-mouth tender.

T-Bone steaks are one of the most popular, so they are perfect for special occasions. This hefty cut includes meat from the eye fillet on one side of the bone and the sirloin on the other – with the bone contributing to some of the best flavour that beef has to offer.

T-bone steaks are highly versatile – but are best grilled on a barbie or in a pan. We recommend that you cook the steaks quickly on high heat, use some light seasoning and serve medium-rare. Try to avoid cooking past medium-well, as the tender meat can overcook quite easily.

If you have some great sides of offer to bulk out people’s plates, each porterhouse steak should feed 2 guests, depending on their appetite.

Here’s a Great T-Bone Steak Recipe


beef tenderloin

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If you want to spoil your guests, tenderloin is the most tender cut of beef available. Tenderloin is delicate, mild-flavoured and very lean. These cuts have little fat marbling, so that are perfect for those who love steak but want to limit their fat intake. Whole tenderloins aren’t exactly cheap, so they are best reserved as the centrepiece for extra-special events. If you want tenderloin but don’t want to break the bank, consider buying it from your butcher whole and untrimmed (see how to trim a whole tenderloin here).

Tenderloin is very versatile – it can be roasted whole and then sliced, or sliced into steaks and then grilled. To enhance the flavour of the meat and prevent it from drying out during cooking, consider using a marinade or bacon or prosciutto wrap. Tenderloin should be served rare or medium rare.

Want to find out more about which sides go with tenderloin? Check out this blog post.

Here’s a Great Roasted Tenderloin Recipe



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When cooked perfectly, beef brisket is flavoursome, rich and tender. A whole brisket contains two cuts – the navel end and point end – which are separated by a layer of fat. The navel end is larger and more evenly shaped than the point end, but the point end has more marbling and connective tissue (meaning it is more tender when slow-cooked!).

Brisket is popular at gatherings in Germany, Pakistan and America. Brisket is highly versatile – it can be slow roasted, smoked or barbequed; however, it needs low and slow cooking to become tender. A large whole brisket can serve up to 30 people (with each person getting about 250 grams of meat each). Before you purchase your whole brisket, check out these 3 things to consider when buying beef brisket.

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