Beef Central Launches Australia First Beef Industry Board Game, ‘Cattle Baron’

cattle baron

Cattle Baron – A Game of High Steaks

Australia’s first ‘cattle industry’ themed board game is being launched at Beef 2018 in Rockhampton this week. The game, called ‘Cattle Baron,’ puts players in charge of their own Australian cattle station. Players can develop pastures, watering points and fences; invest in top bulls and expand their herd. But beware – potential setbacks like droughts, bushfires and market swings could be hiding around every turn! The winner is the first player to finish with a fully-developed, fully-stocked cattle property with the highest standard of genetics.

You can watch the game in action below:

‘Cattle Baron – A Game of High Steaks’ provides a fun and engaging way for people within and outside the industry to learn more about the challenges that Australian cattle producers face in their day-to-day lives. As the game progresses, players learn how Australian cattle producers work (in an environment known for its unpredictable seasons and volatile markets) to sustainably improve their land and cattle to produce premium, pasture-raised beef for customers around the world. Most urban dwellers are very removed from agriculture and many don’t understand its significance in their lives (or the broader economy) – ‘Cattle Baron’ is sure is sure to bridge this gap.

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