5 Ideal Christmas Presents for Beef Lovers

christmas presents

These 5 gift ideas are perfect for the true beef lover or grill master in your life. These gifts are affordable, practical and sure to encourage many a delicious meal!

Rubs, Marinades & Sauces

Why not fill a hamper with a range of beef rubs, marinades and sauces that beef lovers can add to their steaks and roasts? These accoutrements can be store bought or – and this is a great idea if you are budget conscious – homemade and put in jars (just make sure to check how long they will keep and whether they need refrigeration).

If you’re making your own rubs, marinades and sauces, the following links will prove useful:

Homemade Beef Jerky

christmas presents

Jerky makes a great gift for beef lovers – it tastes fantastic and lasts for weeks (it is truly a gift that keeps on giving).

The most popular jerky meat is beef – but pretty much any meat can be used, including fish, kangaroo, chicken, buffalo, alligator, turkey, venison and basically any other meat you can think of.

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Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer is an essential tool for any meat lover who wants to ensure perfectly cooked meat. We’re a little biased, but we reckon never having to eat under or overcooked meat again is the best present we could get!

When gifting a meat thermometer, we recommend that you include the ideal meat temperatures in your card:

  • Rare 60ºC
  • Medium rare 60-65ºC
  • Medium 65-70ºC
  • Medium well done 70ºC
  • Well done 75ºC

Read more about meat temperatures

Grill accessories

christmas presents

If you’re shopping for an avid BBQer, you can’t go wrong with grill accessories. We’d recommend gifting any or all of the following grill essentials: long-handled tongs, a stainless steel spatula, a brass brush, stainless steel meat skewers, heat-resistant BBQ gloves and/or a basting brush.

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Meat Grinder

The pride that comes with creating a signature burger or sausage blend of high-quality meat cuts and flavourings cannot be denied (nor can the fun of having friends around to test these blends!).

A meat grinder is a truly exciting gift for burger, sausage and mince enthusiasts. Not only will this gift allow the beef lover to come up with their own signature mince blends, but it will also save them money and ensure that their minced meats are always fresh and high-quality.

Regardless of whether you purchase a manual or automatic mincer, mincing is a quick and easy process that leaves plenty of room for fun experimentation.


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