New Tool Will Allow Consumers to Track Meat from Paddock to Plate

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A digital platform called BeefLedger is currently being developed. This platform will allow beef producers and consumers to access authenticated information about the history and origin of meat products. Using a secure and digital platform called Blockchain technology, users will be able to view, share and store information relating to the production, transportation and sale of Australian beef.

This industry-led project was created in conjunction with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT). QUT informatics professor Marcus Foth, who was heavily involved with the design of the BeefLedger, said it would help to link consumers with verified information.

“This is information such as where the beef came from, who the farmer is, the breed of cow or if it was grass or grain-fed,” Professor Foth said.

This digital ledger will also help to protect Australian beef producers and consumers from food fraud, especially in countries like China where Australian beef is highly sought after.

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