DEXA Trial Will Soon Be Underway at Our Lakes Creek Trial Site


What is DEXA?

Over the past three years, Meat Livestock Australia has worked with the beef industry, research institutes and technology providers to develop the application of DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry). In the red meat industry, DEXA technology provides timely, accurate, transparent and objective information on the lean meat, bone and fat composition of each carcase. This information can be used to provide eating quality carcase feedback.

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DEXA at Lakes Creek

A trial of DEXA scanning will soon be underway at our Rockhampton site in Central Queensland. Once DEXA scanning commences, we will make yield comparisons between DEXA’s estimates and physical assessments of at least 200 scanned carcases (in order to gauge the system’s predictive capacity and validate the technology). We also plan to benchmark DEXA’s yield prediction performance against a range of other carcase assessment technologies, including a German-made E&V yield camera that promises fast and accurate carcase assessment.

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