DEXA Technology Revolutionising the Beef Industry

We recently welcomed beef producers from across the region to our Jindalee processing plant, where we treated guests to a live demonstration of DEXA – a technology that is set to revolutionise the beef industry.

DEXA stands for Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry – it is an X-Ray (just like you would receive at the hospital for a broken bone) that measures the amount of fat, bone and meat in a carcass. Using DEXA will provide beef producers with better feedback about the quality of their meat, make farming processes more efficient and produce cattle that are better suited to human consumption.

Beef industry DEXA

DEXA image of a beef forequarter. Image credit: Beef Central

As the leading meat processors in Australia, being at the forefront of DEXA technology in abattoirs will help us to maintain our global competitiveness and our commitment to quality.

We are currently installing DEXA in our Rockhampton abattoir, and we plan to use the technology in our Wagga abattoir from early next year.

Read more or watch the WIN News video here.