Why Choose Teys Australia?

Teys Australia is considered an employer of choice. Some of our people appreciate the career growth and development opportunities that are available in our large organisation. Others love working for a company that is governed by a set of ethical ‘Guiding Principles’ and core values which means they can always be proud of the company they work for. We also strive towards creating a great work-life balance for our staff.

Ethical Business Practices

Teys Australia will function as a good corporate citizen in every country where it is privileged to do business. As a minimum, this means compliance to all the laws of these countries. It is also required that all business transactions be conducted will be the result of lawful & honest competition, and that business is conducted in an ethical and moral manner. No employee will ever be asked, expected or allowed to compromise these standards.

Valuing Differences

Teys Australia is committed to valuing differences, respecting all individuals and maintaining an environment in which everyone is treated with dignity. This commitment is supported by our long-standing policy of providing equal opportunity in employment to all qualified applicants.

Employment Opportunities

Significant employment opportunities across a range of occupations within the meat production, processing, feedlots and value adding are offered by Teys. Opportunities are always available for both skilled and unskilled people to come and join the company and in the process, gain formal qualifications and a rewarding career.

Training & Careers

Employees in Teys Australia plants are developed as skilled food processors, supported by up-to-date, on-site training. Staff have the opportunity to develop long-term career paths, progressing from ‘shop floor’ to management roles, technical trades and other skilled positions. Training is based on competency at certificate 2 and most certificate 3 qualification and position levels, with more formal written examination process for higher qualifications and position levels.

Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare

Teys Australia is committed to achieving the highest standards of health, safety and welfare practices and maintaining our values in the communities in which we work and live. Some of our award-winning Workplace Health & Safety practices are acknowledged as some of the best in the industry – and the world. Teys Australia continually strives to improve and maintain the highest possible health, safety and welfare practices for the protection of all employees, visitors, contractors and the wider community.

Read our Teys Career Brochure for further information.