Europe to Adopt Beef Grades Inspired by MLA Program

MLA beef grades

An international beef quality grading system based on the MSA program is being developed to improve the eating quality of beef produced in Europe. You can find out more about the MSA approach to beef grading in the video below:

At the ‘20 Years of MSA forum’ in Melbourne (which took place in early August), French meat scientist Dr Jean-Francois Hocquette explained how collaborative research with meat scientists from Australia and Europe has been progressing for several years, to test if something similar to the MSA program could improve beef eating quality in cattle in countries like France, Poland and the UK.

During the forum, Dr Hocquette explained that beef produced in France and other European countries is sourced largely from culled dairy cows and dairy bulls, and that, as a result, the eating quality of French beef is highly variable. He said that in France, there isn’t a strong relationship between the eating quality of beef and price at the consumer level, and beef eating quality is widely criticised. In Dr Hocquette’s words, “Our research has shown that beef is not meeting consumer expectations, and moreover, a consumer-driven prediction model of beef eating quality and a beef eating quality grading system, similar in design to the Australia MSA system, is highly applicable to both the European beef industry and also to European consumers.”

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