Tips for Building Healthy Beef Burgers

healthy beef burgers

Just because you are health-conscious does not mean you need to miss out on a delicious, juicy burger. Here are some simple tips for making your burgers as healthy as possible while maintaining great taste:

Use Lean Beef & Make Smaller Burger Patties

One easy way to make your beef burgers healthier is to choose lean ground beef and reduce the size of your patties. The recommended serving size for red meat is about the thickness and size of a deck of playing cards – start with this amount of beef and then re-shape the patty to fit your burgers.

Sneak Veggies into Patties

If you want to sneak some extra nutrition into your patties, consider adding discrete vegetables like grated carrot or zucchini, roasted capsicum or sauteed mushrooms. This method is particularly useful for parents who are trying to sneak extra vegetables into their children’s dinners!

Whole Wheat Bun

If you want a healthy burger, you should avoid the traditional white bread buns, as these are completely devoid of nutrition. Instead, swap the white for 100% whole wheat. If you really want to up the healthiness, you can substitute bread with lettuce cups, large mushroom caps or egg-based low carb burger buns like these.

Add Healthy Toppers & Sides

Healthy topping options are endless – consider any or many of the following: Spinach, rocket, browned onions, raw red onion, lettuce, sundried tomatoes, avocado, roasted capsicum, healthy coleslaw, olive tapenade, sauteed mushrooms, pineapple, beetroot or kimchi.

If you can’t have a burger without cheese, consider adding strong-flavoured cheese like goats cheese or blue cheese, as you won’t have to use much to add great flavour. In terms of sauce, opt for healthier options like pesto, homemade salsa, guacamole, hummus or tzatziki and stay away from overly sugary and processed options like tomato or BBQ sauce.

The information in this post was inspired by Food Network. Feeling hungry? Let us know how your healthy burgers turn out on our Facebook page!