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How to supply cattle to Teys Australia


The more information we can collect on the cattle we purchase, the better we are able to market cattle into various markets and maximise their value. In addition to a properly completed National Vendor Declaration (NVD), Teys Australia requires vendors to complete a livestock contract for each consignment of cattle supplied to Teys feedlots and processing plants.

Some markets will also require you to provide additional documentation, such as certificates for PCAS or organic certified cattle, or a vendor declaration for MSA eligible cattle.

Please be sure to discuss the specific documentation requirements for you with our livestock team at the time of booking.

How to become a Teys Australia Grasslands Supplier

Grasslands Beef is produces from a free-range cattle that have been raised on grass pastures for their entire lives. The Grasslands Beef range is free from antibiotics and added hormones. Grasslands Beef is underpinned by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system to guarantee a consistently high eating quality experience for the consumer.

The Grasslands Pasturefed Standard that underpins the Grasslands Beef Range have been developed to ensure these claims are verified. The standards are fully compliant with the industry definitions for the raising claims of Grassfed, Free-Range, HGP-Free and Antibiotic-Free.

To find out how to become a supplier contact your local buyer:

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Animal Welfare

Teys Australia has a commitment to all cattle being treated humanely throughout the supply chain. Our processing facilities all operate under the Australian Livestock Processing Industry Animal Welfare Certification System.

To maintain this certification, Teys Australia must ensure our contractual arrangements with suppliers include:

  • The expected fitness of livestock arriving at our processing facilities
  • The time off feed and water
  • Our expectation in relation to livestock handling practices

In order to comply with these provisions, Teys Australia requires its suppliers to commit to meeting its supplier animal welfare requirements.