Meet the Farmers – Melinee and Robert Leather!

Melinee and Robert Leather own two properties in Central Queensland and supply our Biloela processing facility. Their broad range of accreditations means that Robert and Melinee are able to supply us with cattle that align with a variety of our brand programs, including; EU eligible cattle (beef destined for the EU market must be supplied through an EU accredited supply chain), 100% grassfed cattle that are certified under PCAS (Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System) and Organic cattle.


Robert Leather - Teys Farmer

Robert Leather on the job!


In their own words:

“We run 1,000 Breeder Cows and progeny on our Four Mile property. Our weaners are sent to Barfield Station, our other property, to be finished for the EU and PCAS markets. Barfield Station also runs 500 Organic breeder cows and their progeny.

Our family business is passionate about naturally raised grass fed beef. We have spent 30 years creating a sustainable business by focusing on and caring for our animals, land and family members. Our son Adam and his wife Chloe manage the Four Mile and their daughter Ava is the 4th generation on this property.

Our enterprise is always looking at management systems that are going to assist us in improving the long-term sustainability of our business. The priority areas for us include environment, animal welfare, biosecurity, business performance and profitability. All our animals are individually recorded, which allows us to compare performance data against our MSA feedback. This is a great tool for us when we are making genetic selections for our bulls and replacement heifers.

We want the consumers of our grass fed beef to have confidence that our animals have been raised with the highest animal welfare and environmental standards right through the entire supply chain. The integrity of our certification systems and those of Teys Australia allow us to give that assurance.”

Thanks Robert and Melinee! We love the humane, ethical and caring approach that you have to every aspect of your business. It is a pleasure to work with you!