All of Our New Meat Brands Are Now Available in Woolworths!

All of our new meat brands (including The Four Brothers, Smokehouse Republic and Grasslands Tender Cut Beef) are now available at Woolworths! Whether you feel like some bratwurst and mash, a delicious grass fed steak or an affordable rump, our Woolworths ranges have you covered.

The Four Brothers

Four Brothers Meat Brands

In 1946, the Teys brothers opened their first butcher shop in Brisbane. Their aim was to provide high quality, affordable meat to local families. The legacy of the brothers lives on with our new beef range. With multigenerational experience in the beef industry, we are proud to offer an affordable beef range to Australian families.

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Smokehouse Republic

Smokehouse Republic Meat Brands

Our new pork Bratwurst range (which includes Original Beechwood-Smoked Bratwurst and Bacon and Cheese Beechwood-Smoked Bratwurst) is flavoursome and inspired by traditional methods and by the communities created through the process of sharing and experiencing the tradition of smoked meats.

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Grasslands Beef Range

Grasslands Premium Beef Meat Brands

Our Grasslands Beef Range is sourced from free-range cattle that are raised on natural pastures, where they are free to roam and graze in a stress-free environment for their entire lives. Grasslands Beef is free from antibiotics and added hormones, and it is underpinned by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system to ensure tender, juicy beef.

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Our meat brands cater for every taste and budget. Why not head to your local Woolies and try out our new ranges today?