New SA beef product to bring millions of dollars and jobs to state

Australia’s second largest beef processor, Teys Australia, will inject over $30 million into new infrastructure at its Naracoorte plant and offer around 100 new jobs, in a massive boost to the region’s economy.

Later this month the company will officially launch a new high-quality South Australian beef product which will be marketed worldwide and require the plant to operate year-round to keep up demand.

Teys manager of corporate and industry affairs Dr. John Langbridge said the company is proud of the legacy it has built in Naracoorte since coming to the region 20 years ago, and that this announcement will bring huge benefits not only to the local economy, but to the entire state.

“South Australia is known for its high-quality wines, seafood and other delicacies, and very soon our beef will be in demand across Australia and the world.”

He said independent economic modelling shows that Teys already supports over 2,225 South Australian full-time jobs directly and indirectly, including 500 at the plant, and revealed they are ready to start employing new staff immediately.

“We require 40 to 50 new workers right now and the remainder over the next few months, both skilled and unskilled.”

He said they don’t believe they will fill all of the vacancies locally and are looking to surrounding centres.

“As well as the local community we hope to attract displaced workers from other regions who would like to relocate to Naracoorte.”

“We can assist with relocation expenses and accommodation.”

Dr. Langbridge said the company was “incredibly proud” to be such a strong employer in the local community.

“We are committed to continue to invest in our people and operations to ensure that Naracoorte becomes the home of high quality South Australian beef which will be recognised globally.”

Currently Teys Naracoorte is estimated to underpin more than $370 million in gross state product, equating to 0.4 per cent of the state’s gross industry value.