Outback Steakhouse Attribute Much of Their Success to the Quality of Teys Beef

outback steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is Australia’s number one steakhouse for amazing steak, ribs and seafood. We have happily been supplying high-quality beef to this restaurant chain since they were established 18 years ago.

From humble beginnings, Outback Steakhouse now serves over 18,000 steaks-based meals every week, across their 8 restaurants based in Brisbane and Sydney. According to operating partner Mike Palmer, a lot of this success is thanks to the quality of our beef:

“Obviously with Steakhouse above the front door of the restaurants, it is all about the quality of the product and we have been working pretty much exclusively with Cargill Teys for 18 years since we were established… We find we get a consistent product, the eating quality is consistently at a high level and we are buying directly from Teys, so we age our beef in a cold store and distribute to our restaurants.”

Teys Australia provides Outback Steakhouse with grain and grass-fed beef, and we work alongside Mike to allow full traceability of the meat, and to stay ahead of beef production trends. For example, beef provenance is becoming increasingly important for today’s customers, so we allow Mike to bring his chefs and waitstaff to visit our feedlots and processing plants, where they can learn more about our beef quality and production (and then pass this information on to their customers).

Mike Palmer, Outback Steakhouse

Mike Palmer, operating partner Outback Steakhouse, at the Jindalee Feedlot

In Mike’s words, “We have seen the trend toward eating quality over the past five years or so that people are more demanding and more knowledgeable about the meals they wish to eat… When we bring our staff to feedlot we can introduce them to the nuances of management involved in producing beef of a very consistent quality… I think they can then talk with integrity to our customers about the product and that helps sell our service.”

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