Teys Australia Set to Launch Own Pasturefed Beef Standard

Grasslands Pasturefed Standard

Image credit: Beef Central

In order to keep up with increasing demand for pasturefed cattle, we have decided to create our own pasturefed certification system to meet the volume or continuity of supply we need to satisfy a global market that is hungry for clean and green grassfed beef.

Our new pasturefed accreditation system is called the Grasslands Pasturefed Standard.  From June 2017, producers will be able to supply cattle into our Grasslands branded beef program through a single pathway for eligible pasturefed cattle.

Cattle eligible for our Grasslands Pasturefed Standard will be sourced through MSA pathways to guarantee eating quality and will meet the industry standards to make the raising claims of:

  • Free Range
  • 100% Pasturefed
  • No added hormones
  • Antibiotic free

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