Cook the Perfect Steak with the ‘SteakMate’ App

The ‘SteakMate’ app is designed to help you cook the perfect steak, every time. This app was developed by Meat Livestock Australia in conjunction with experienced chefs and food scientists. However you like your steak – regardless of cut, cooking method or preferred doneness – this app will make sure you achieve tender, juicy and perfectly cooked results.

Using the Appsteak app

SteakMate is really simple to use. All you need to do is enter the cut of beef you are using, your preferred cooking method, the thickness of the steak and your desired doneness, and then SteakMate will tell you exactly how long you should cook the steak for. The app also provides handy prompts like when to flip your steak and how long you need to let it rest.

One of our favourite things about this app is the ‘queuing’ function, which allows you to add multiple people to a queue (by name and steak preferences). The queue function is great for dinner parties when you need to cook multiple steaks to different tastes. You can also save the steaks by name (e.g. ‘Mum’s favourite steak,’ ‘Dad’s favourite steak,’ ‘Billy’s favourite steak’), so you don’t need to enter your preferences every time.

SteakMate also provides general information about beef cuts and recommended cooking methods, so you’ll be your friends’ go-to steak guru in no time.

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