MSA Feedlot Trial: Primex Field Days Launches $10,000 Competition

Primex Field Days

The Primex Field Days at Casino, NSW, is set to host a $10,000 MSA Performance Feedback Trial. This competition is compliant with Woolworths MSA grain-fed program, is open to cattle throughout Australia and will provide beef producers with a unique opportunity to benchmark the performance of their cattle. These trials will be conducted in conjunction with Meat and Livestock Australia/Meat Standards Australia, Woolworths, Teys Australia and B-Feeders Feedlot at Warwick.

Entries for this feedback trial close on January 14, 2019 – there is a minimum requirement of two teams of 5 or a pen of 10 steers for entry. According to Primex Field Days director, Bruce Wright, the competition aims to closely reflect the real-life situation of cattle entering the grain-fed, MSA graded domestic supply chain.

According to Mr Wright, “The competition will reward those animals that not only meet requirements for carcase quality but are also profitable at each stage… The competition will provide detailed feedback on individual and group animal performance to producers about feedlot performance, compliance of beef carcases to market specifications, lean meat yield and eating quality of those carcases.”

Key dates

  • Nominations close on January 14
  • Seven day settling by February 1
  • Competition starts with weighing on February 4
  • Mid-term field day and viewing day with weighing on March 27
  • Delivery of animals to Tamworth for processing on April 15
  • Processing and MSA grading on April 16
  • Results calculated the week of April 29
  • Presentations to competitors on May 16

To find out more about entering, contact Primex on 0499 888 905.

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