Teys Plans to Make Naracoorte Plant More Reliant on Renewable Energy

renewable energy

We have recently unveiled a planned project to make our Naracoorte plant more reliant on renewable energy. This project will generate 30,000-35,000 gigajoules of renewable energy per year – which is equivalent to the energy usage of 1590 average Australian homes.

How do we plan to do this? By creating biogas (gases produced by the breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen) from wastewater, which will be created naturally from the meat processing activities at the Naracoorte plant. Rich with energy, this wastewater will be contained in a Covered Anaerobic Lagoon (a CAL). The CAL will convert this wastewater into biogas and the biogas will then fuel cogeneration equipment.

This change will result in a clean, renewable energy source that will produce electricity and heat within the plant. This project will be funded primarily by Teys, but will be delivered in partnership with the state government and with the support of the SA Environment Protection Authority.

This will be the fifth of our processing facilities that has been converted to this new technology, demonstrating our firm commitment to our long-term plan to make more of our plants dependant on renewable energy.

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