Ensure Delicious Roast Beef & Lamb with the RoastMate App

roast app

The RoastMate app will help you to cook perfect beef, lamb or veal roasts every time. This app was developed by Meat Livestock Australia in conjunction with experienced chefs and food scientists. RoastMate is easy to use – all you need to do is enter the meat type you’re roasting along with its weight, your cooking temperature and your desired level of doneness, and the roast app will tell you exactly how long you should cook the meat for.

RoastMate also includes pictures, descriptions and handy prompts like when you should check the internal temperature and how long to let your roast rest. RoastMate allows users to save their roasts to favourite lists, which proves really useful if there are particular roasts that you cook frequently.

Love cooking steak? There is also the SteakMate app!

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