How to Make Smoked Beef the Easy Way

Did you know that you can make smoked beef using your stove top or your oven? Yep, you don’t need anything fancy to smoke beef to perfection! These smoking tips are brought to you by Beef & Lamb.

Smoking beef infuses it with tenderness and a natural, smoky and aromatic flavour. If you’ve never tried smoked beef before, now’s your chance. Just select your favourite beef cut (we recommend beef ribs or brisket) and get smoking!

Smoked Beef

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Stove Top Smoking

What you need:

  • Wood chips
  • Large cooking pot
  • Metal steamer insert
  • Heavy duty aluminium foil
  • Chosen cut of beef

What you do:

  • Line the base of the cooking pot with foil, cover with a sprinkle of wood chips.
  • Add another layer of foil over the chips and place steamer insert on top.
  • Put your beef on top of the steamer, with space for the smoke to circulate.
  • Place foil generously around the edges of the lid to avoid smoke escaping.
  • Heat on high for around 5 minutes, or until it starts smoking.
  • Lower heat to medium-low and smoke meat to the required degree of doneness. Turn off the heat and leave meat resting in the smoker for a further 10 minutes.
  • Remove foil and serve immediately, or finish cooking the aroma-infused meat on the barbeque to taste.

Indoor Oven Smoking

What you need:

  • Wood chips
  • Aluminium oven tray (available from most supermarkets)
  • Heavy duty aluminium foil
  • Metal rack (cake cooling rack is fine)
  • Chosen cut of beef or lamb

What you do:

  • Place moistened wood chips into an aluminium tray. Cover with foil and pierce holes so smoke can escape.
  • Place metal rack over the smoker box.
  • Sit your beef on top of the rack, and create an airtight ‘tent’ using foil. It should surround the aluminium tray and meat.
  • Cook meat in its smoking tent to the required level of doneness. Even with its airtight packaging, your kitchen will fill with captivating aromas.
  • When ready, carefully unwrap the foil, avoiding the hot steam. You can complete your delicious smoky meat on the barbeque according to taste, or serve straight from the oven.

Pretty simple, right? And trust us, the flavour is unbeatable.

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