Teys Australia Prepares the Smokin’ Yak for Beef Week 2018

Texas BBQ

In 2015, Matthew Noakes established The Smokin’ Yak, a slow-cooking BBQ restaurant & catering business where you can experience the absolute deliciousness of Texas-style Brahman humps.

Noakes is a central Queensland Brahman breeder, Teys Australia cattle buyer and passionate ‘bush chef’. He established The Smokin’ Yak along with fellow Marlborough Brahman breeders and barbeque connoisseurs, the Polkinghome Family.

Brahman humps are one of the most popular beef cuts in Brazil; however, they are yet to take off in Australia. So, for the past 3 years, The Smokin’ Yak has been helping to bring slow-cooked brahman humps to the attention of the greater beef-eating public. Traditionally, Texas BBQ is all about brisket – but Noakes had a hunch that highly marbled Brahman humps from grass fed bullocks in Central QLD would produce a unique and special dining experience. And he was right.

The Smokin’ Yak at Beef 2018

For the last few years, Noakes has had his sights set on catering the Beef Australia expo, which is one of the world’s greatest beef cattle events and is held just once every 3 years in Rockhampton, QLD. This year, his dream has come true – The Smokin’ Yak will be served to Beef 2018 visitors from the pop-up The Smokin’ Yak restaurant, in the Brahman compound. Customers will be able to order slow-cooked Brahman hump, beef rib, pulled beef check and other options to takeaway or dine in the purpose-built 160 seat restaurant.

To cater for this event, Noakes has just finished building what he believes to be the biggest reverse-flow Texas BBQ in QLD (if not Australia). This BBQ has a cooking chamber that is 3 metres long and provides the capacity for The Smokin’ Yak to produce 400 kg of low&slow barbequed beef per day. Noakes expects to supply over 2 tonnes of meat during the week-long event, including 1.2 tonnes of Brahman humps.

As a cattle buyer for Teys Australia, Noakes has individually selected approximately 5 different mobs of Brahmans to supply the restaurant during Beef 2018. According to Noakes, “We are providing a truly local Central QLD dining experience, with every piece of beef that we sell coming from Teys Australia Lakes Creek abattoir… Without our partnership with Teys Australia Lakes Creek this wouldn’t be possible – I have never seen a processor embrace something the way the management at Lakes Creek have embraced the Smokin’ Yak.”

We don’t know about you, but can’t wait to try some Texas-style Brahman at Beef Australia 2018!

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