Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major driving force behind what we do and in how we approach our work.

This means:

•   Managing our business risks and behaving in a transparent manner.
•   Responsibly managing or avoiding environmental impacts including Greenhouse gas emissions.
•   Partnering with the local communities in which we operate.
•   Focus on the highest standard of health and well-being for our people.
•   Producing a safe product that all customers can trust.
•   Working with our supply chain key stakeholders to promote and ensure best practice animal welfare husbandry, transport and processing.
•   Engaging with suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to take account of their ethics, labour rights, health and safety and the environmental responsibilities and align with an overall philosophy, approach and policies complementary to our own.


Teys Australia has developed seven key areas central to our CSR strategy. Together, they aim to help us manage our impacts, minimise risks, engage our stakeholders and protect the sustainability of the business.

  1. People Practices and Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being
  2. Community Enrichment and Economic Development
  3. Environmental Protection and Sustainability
  4. Food Safety and Quality Practices
  5. Animal Welfare

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Reporting

Teys Australia’s commitment to Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability is such a strong part of the culture that in 2015 we took the initiative to start reporting publicly against the (GRI) G4 guidelines, becoming the first red meat processor and one of a few in the manufacturing sector to do so.  The GRI has pioneered and developed a comprehensive sustainability reporting framework designed to assist organisations in measuring and managing their sustainability performance.

GRI Reports