Workplace Health and Safety

The safety of our people is always our highest priority. We remain open to change, and focussed on continuous improvement, knowing that everyone that enters a Teys Australia facility, and their families, should feel confident that they will return home the way they arrived – SAFELY. Safety is not something we do, it must be embedded into our culture, integrated into all our processes, and be at the heart of who we are.


To help our employees fulfil our combined ambitions to create a sustainable business, Teys is committed to:
•  Ensuring regulatory and legal compliance in all facets of our business management processes with a goal of being an employer of choice.
•  Providing lifelong learning experience from entry level roles in our business, to personal development and professional growth that aligns to the needs of our ever changing business.
•  Implementing opportunities that will support our employees at work and provide opportunities to ensure their personal success through physical and financial fitness. Teys values and encourages a “work – life” balance with all employees.
•  Fostering a culture that celebrates difference in our employees. It is important that our employees feel valued, respected and have an opportunity to share their ideas and perspectives.

Dedicated Commitment

Dedicated Workplace Health & Safety Managers and personnel continuously monitor and review the effectiveness of our safety systems and programs; however, everyone at Teys Australia is encouraged to lead and participate in Teys Australia’s systematic approach for identifying and assessing any potential hazards, to enable us to effectively manage those risks. Approximately 70 Workplace Health & Safety Representatives drive communication and consultation, support site management, and lead Workplace Health & Safety teams throughout our national operations.

The safety of our people is always our highest priority. Everyone should feel confident that they will return home the way they arrived – SAFELY.


We provide support to our employees through a number of a targeted programs focused on;
• Personal and emotional wellbeing in the form of counselling related to both professional and personal situations
• Financial programs focused on delivering benefits which include, but are not limited to, access to financial planning services and discounted insurances and rates
• Providing discounted rates across a range products and services from over 70 companies.

Employees don’t just work for money: they work to create a meaningful life through obtaining an income and working within an environment that allows them to be empowered to do their best each day.