Teys Australia and Target 100

What is Target 100?

Target 100 is a commitment made by cattle farmers, sheep farmers and the broader farming industry to deliver sustainable livestock farming by 2020.

Target 100 demonstrates the Australian farming industry’s commitment to maintaining and improving sustainable practices (from an environmental, animal welfare, social and economic perspective) and ensuring a sustainable food supply for generations to come.

Target 100 outlines 100 research, development and extension activities that cover soil, water, energy, pests and weeds, biodiversity, emissions and animal welfare. Target is 100 commitments to the environment – and when one is ticked off, another is added to the list, so the aim is continuous improvement. Find out more in the video below:

What is sustainability?

Every day, cattle and sheep farmers throughout Australia are making simple changes to improve their environmental sustainability, whether it be fencing off dams to increase biodiversity on their properties, installing solar panels or using different stocking strategies to improve soil health and groundcover.

These passionate and committed farmers are stewards of almost 50% of Australia’s landmass, and they are working hard to make sure that they leave the land, waterways, soils and vegetation in better condition for future generations.

Current Target 100 Initiatives

Target 100 initiatives are led by cutting edge research groups including universities, the CSIRO and government departments and agencies.

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Completed Initiatives

There are always 100 active initiatives. This means that once we complete a project, we add another project in its place.

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Teys Australia is proud to stand behind, promote and contribute to this fantastic initiative.