Teys Australia Makes Wellbeing and Fitness a Priority

Teys Australia fitness

Teys Australia employees at the Naracoorte Health and Fitness Centre. Image credit: Naracoorteherald.com.au.

Teys Australia’s Naracoorte employees recently took advantage of a free training session at the Naracoorte Health and Fitness Centre. The aim of the session was to help prevent work-related injuries.

Some jobs in a beef processing facility meatworks are labour intensive, so Teys partnered with local sports physiotherapist Angela Willsmore from Good Country Physiotherapy to train employees with various exercises relevant to their roles.  By undertaking specific conditioning activities our employees are taking a proactive approach to injury reduction.

Angela has been treating Teys’ employees in her early intervention clinic for several years, and she believes these gym sessions are a fantastic idea.

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