Teys Australia Supports Meat Quality Probe Developed by Adelaide Start-Up

MEQ Probe

Image credit: Financial Review

Teys Australia and Midfield Group have recently backed an Adelaide-based start-up (‘MEQ Probe’) that promises to bring more consistency to branded beef and lamb.

MEQ Probe has invented a probe that uses four needles with medical-grade lasers. When these needles are stuck into the loin of a freshly cut carcase, they use a technology called ‘nanoscale biophotonics’ to measure marbling and tenderness. This probe is currently being tested on 1200 Teys beef carcases and 1200 Midfield labs – it aims to give a more objective and consistent beef rating than human graders, who rely on visual observation. The meat samples that are being evaluated by MEQ Probe in this trial will be sent to a lab for corroboration, where they will undergo intramuscular fat measurement, a ‘sheer force test’ (where chewing is simulated to rate tenderness), as well as tests to check MEQ Probe’s results for colour and pH.

So far, this trial has received $500,000 of funding from Teys Australia, Midfield, MLA and Availer. We can’t wait to see how the technology unfolds!

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