Teys Leads the Way in Sustainable Beef Processing

sustainable beef

We have recently made a commitment to support sustainable beef processing by reducing our carbon intensity by 20% and our water intensity by 10% by 2023. We also support the red meat industry achieving carbon neutrality by 2030.

We are committed to taking on the role of a sustainable beef processing leader. We will continue to improve our energy and water productivity, increase our renewable sources as a proportion of total energy use and create sustained value for our customers, external stakeholders, business partners and the wider community.

Earlier this year, Teys Group Manager of Resource Efficiency, Carl Duncan, presented a 5-year strategy that combined energy and water productivity with renewable energy to significantly cut emissions. This strategy was supported by Brad Teys and his Senior Leadership Team, and is now underway.

According to Carl, “It’s an exciting time to be part of the business and the red meat industry as we roll out our strategy and support the industry towards carbon neutrality. Teys have delivered good results on sustainability which provides a strong platform for us to go forward.”

In the last 2 years, we have invested in a number of energy and water efficiency projects, installed a 300kW solar farm and have a biogas-powered cogeneration facility under construction at Teys Naracoorte in South Australia. This significant progress is only the beginning.

The rapid development of decentralised power systems, automation and digital technology provide new opportunities for energy users to meet their needs at lower cost and with lower emissions. Although fundamental to move forward, Brad Teys also explained that technology is not the only necessity to drive this movement. The right people and the right culture are vital to the successful adoption of environmentally focused change.

According to Carl, “The renewable energy industry has been focused on improving construction methods and reducing cost which is key for us. Teys have a strong culture of re-investing in their own assets and are always thinking about tomorrow, so this strategy is a good fit for the business…”

“While technology is important, what’s more important is our people and culture, as it’s the one thing that will drive change. Sustainability has become an integral part of what we do and we’re expanding that by continuing to improve efficiency, reduce carbon intensity and up renewables to at least 30% by 2023. Who knows where we can get to after that.”

Exciting times ahead!

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